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There are several ways to contact us:

Get support

The recommended way to get support is to visit the forum. Your question will appear visible to the community, and thus it is more likely to be seen by people with similar problems, so there is a big chance for you to get it solved very quickly.

Report a bug

If you find a bug, we kindly ask you to submit it to the tracker. Also you can report it either at the forum or send us an e-mail.

Please, describe the bug as detailed as possible. If it happens to a certain file, please, let us also have a part of this file. (See How to cut a part of a file for testing).

Feature request

If you need a feature that the filter does not provide yet, visit the tracker. If the feature is already in the list you can vote for it by starring.

Also, you may request features at the forum, or by e-mail.

If you need some feature in your work (or if you just want it very much), you can sponsor the development of this feature.

Say thanks

There're many ways to say thanks: just a post on the forum, an e-mail letter, Donation or Contribution.