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The simplest way to support the project is to make a donation. The deveopment takes much time, thus making the quality dependable on your donations.

If you need some feature that is not yet implemented, you can sponsor the development of this feature. Contact us directly.

Test and report bugs

Bug hunters wanted! If you have found a bug, please report it! You can sumbit it to bug tracker, forum or by email:
Support mail.png

You can see the collection of live bugs at the tracker. Hurry, you may not see your favorite bug soon! ;-)

Enhancement ideas

Got an idea to share? Great! Post an issue to the tracker. Thus other people can find and vote for your feature offer. Also, you can track the status of a feature and discuss it with others.

You can also share your thoughts at the forum or by e-mail.

Write a code

It's easy to start working on the code. Just get the source from the Repository, Build it, and you're ready to make your own code.

What can you do? Just look at the tracker and decide what is interesting for you, or experiment with your own ideas.

To include your changes into AC3Filter project Contact the author.


It is good when your favorite software speaks your language. But if you do not see your language in the list, you can make your own translation! It's easy! See AC3Filter:How to translate for detailed instructions. If you see that some messages are not translated or translated incorrectly, you can fix the translation in exactly the same way.

Help other people

If you know AC3Filter well, your assistance to other people at the forum will be appreciated.


Any other help will be appreciated. If you are willing to help the project, but you don't know how, Contact us directly.