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Source code for AC3Filter project is available at:

You can:

Browse the repository

Just open the repository in your browser.

Get the source tarball

Use the following links to get the latest development source tarball in zip format:

(Note that valib is required to Build the filter).

Also, you can browse the repository and get the latest tarball from the repositories page, or any specific version from the project repository.

For instance, to get AC3Filter 1.20b source navigate to AC3Filter repository, then go to tags and select ac3filter_1_20b tag. Click on zip to get the zipped archive. Do the same to get valib of the same revision.

Get a local copy of the repository

To get a local copy you have to have Mercurial version control system installed on your computer. (I recommend TortoiseHG).

Run the following commands to get AC3Filter source:

hg clone ac3filter
hg clone valib

(Note that valib is required to Build the filter).

Local copy of the repository is a fully-functional repository with the full history of the project.

Build the filter

See How to compile, How to build ffmpeg