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AC3Filter:System page

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This page contains some system and interface settings.

AC3Filter: System page


[edit] Use AC3Filter for

Here you can enable or disable formats AC3Filter will decode.

Also, you can enable AC3Filter to process any audio (even formats it cannot decode). It is done with 'PCM' option. Of course, some other decoder must be installed at the system. AC3Filter just takes the decoded output and does audio processing.

Some comments about certain formats:

[edit] Filter merit

AC3Filter is installed into the system with the highest priority (Prefer AC3Filter option), i.e. it will be used instead of any other decoder installed.

If it is required to use another decoder, the priority can be decreased to minimum using Prefer other decoder option. Filter will stay registered in the system and will be used automatically only if system cannot find any other decoder.

If you want to disable the filter completely, choose Disable AC3Filter. Filter will stay registered and may be used explicitly.

[edit] Default audio renderer

Audio card can operate in two modes: DirectSound and WaveOut. If there are some problems occur when using the filter (e.g. SPDIF is inoperative), sometimes it can be solved by switching of operating mode.

Some players have settings to change output device, others use the default system settings. To switch the operating mode use Use DirectSound option for DirectSound interface, and Use WaveOut option for WaveOut interface. This option changes the system global settings! Thus, it is preferably to use settings of your player if possible.

This option takes effect only if the player uses the default output device!

[edit] Localization

[edit] Audio/Video sync

[edit] AGC

[edit] Interface options

Show tray icon option allows you to show an icon that allows to adjust AC3Filter's settings on the fly.

AC3Filter-Tray icon.png

This icon appears when AC3Filter starts working.

Right click on the icon opens popup menu. At the top you can see a list of presets you can change quickly. Selecting a preset changes settings for all tracks at once. At the bottom a list of tracks is displayed. A movie may have multiple tracks and green icon on the left shows the track currently active (yellow icon indicates a paused track, red icon is a stopped track). Clicking on the track opens configuration dialog for this track.

Left click opens config dialog for the track currently playing (if only one track is working).

[edit] DirectShow options

Check output format support
Force sound card to reinit after seek/pause
Disallow PCM output in SPDIF mode