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AC3Filter uses OpenCandy advertising module in its sponsored installation package. By using this version of the installer you support AC3Filter development. Thanks you!

The OpenCandy module shows at maximum one ad and only during the installation. AC3Filter application itself does not contain OpenCandy and does not show any ads.

OpenCandy is advertising application. It is similar to Google AdSense, except it displays advertisements in installation program instead on a website. These advertisements promote another software packages. The advertisements are selected by providers of software being installed (in case of AC3Filter it means AC3Filter developers). When user installing a software (AC3Filter) chooses to install promoted package, revenue is generated and shared between OpenCandy and software providers (AC3Filter developers).


[edit] Is it Adware?

Some may consider OpenCandy an adware. In a good sense of the term, it is. It is a way to recover software development costs using advertisement.

On the other hand, OpenCandy does not demonstrate the negative characteristics commonly associated with adware, but:

For details see OpenCandy privacy policy.

[edit] Can I avoid OpenCandy?

Yes you can. Use /NOCANDY parameter when starting installation program. You may also download Lite version of installation program without OpenCandy.

[edit] What does an OpenCandy recommendation look like?

Below is an example of OpenCandy recommendation screen in AC3Filter sponsored installation program. Use the Install … button (or similar) to choose to install the recommended application. Use the Do not install … button (or similar) to continue installing AC3Filter without installing the recommended application.


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